3D and channel letters

Like lightboxes, 3-D and channel letters are one of the most popular types of products – solid, attracting the attention, beautiful advertising, often becoming a centrepiece of the indoor and outdoor advertising design of the building or area. It can be divided into illuminated and not illuminated.

Not illuminated 3-D letters

Not illuminated 3-D letters can be made of a variety of materials – polystyrene foam, plastic, wood, metal or even glass.

3-D letters from PVC plastic

image description
1. PVC plastic (10 mm), painted / covered with film
2. Specers-holders
3. PVC plastic shoe (10 mm)
4. Screws (~ 4×70 mm)

Styrofoam 3-D letters

image description

1. Painted styrofoam letters
2. Attached with double-sided adhesive film or glue
! Technological cut. It is necessary to cut out the hole in the middle of the letter

Illuminated chanel letters

The appearance of illuminated 3-D letters is attractive, but their production is not cheap – such advertising is more expensive than advertising of posters, bilboards and lightboxes.

image descriptionA. Frontal panel of letters
B. Side edge of letters
C. Backside of letters


1. Light distributing acrylic panel
2. Light source
3. Housing (aluminum or bonded PVC)
4. Front panel mounting screws
5. Ceiling gaskets
6. Draining hole
7. PVC plastic shoe (10 mm)
8. Screws (~4×70 mm)

By the means of illumination, letters can be of several types. Illuminated planes are usually made of light distributing acrylic sheet. The backside is made of the same materials as the lightbox.

image description

A. Illuminated frontal panel
B. Illuminated side edge of letters
C. Illuminated area behind the letters. Letters are moved away from the wall or facade, and the light emitted from the light sources in them is directed towards the wall