Digital printing

Digital printing is made on 2 types of Japanese printing machines:


– Mutoh Osprey 130 solvent printer. Print width – 3.2 m
– Mimaki CJV30-160 printer with engraving function. Print width – 1.6 m

Light emitting diodes

Advantages of LED light sources:


longevity. Depending on the manufacturer of the diode and the LED light source technology solution, the lifetime of such light sources is up to 50,000 hours and even


cost efficiency. While the price of lighting with LEDs is higher than that of many other light sources, but with a proper selection of solution, the initial investment buys off already before the expiry of the warranty period.


small dimensions. Because of the small size of the light source, it can be used in applications where no other light source is acceptable. For example, decorative lighting to the glass edge in the interior, furniture or advertising.


mechanical resistance. Glass is not used in light sources with LED, so there’s nothing to break.


cold resistance. One of the few shortcomings of light sources with LED is the flux decline under higher than critical temperatures. However, the cold has the opposite effect – it extends the life of such light source. It is important to select the transformers with proper characteristics for cold environments.


many other advantages. This list of advantages is not exhaustive. For example, because of low-power consumption, they are especially useful where there is not possible to increase the power supply. For the same reason, these light sources can work well from solar or wind energy power source. Unlike other light sources, LED lamps are resistant to frequent on-off switching.

Powder coating

Powder coating – is a surface finishing technology. Special equipment is used to electrically charge paint powder that is emitted on the painted surface charged oppositely than the powder paint. Then, the product is placed in a heating furnace, where the paint melts in a high temperature, coating the surface with a uniform layer, and curing.


Heating chamber dimensions – 1,75 m (height) x 1,2 m (width) x 3,8 m (length).


Powder coating advantages:


– powder paint coated surface is highly resistant to impact
– paint retains its elasticity even in the event of surface deformation
– paint is resistant to abrasion
– paint is resistant to UV or other atmospheric effects


This technology can be applied for painting of aluminium, steel structures, iron products and other metal surfaces. Colours are selected according to the RAL.