When choosing a type of advertising you have to consider its installation method and power connection options, if the advertisement is illuminated.

Installation of advertising bilboards and lightboxes

Installation to a wall, or suspension

1. Directly to the wall
2. Mounted with spacer bars
3. Suspended on the ceiling
4. Edge towards the facade (perpendicular to the facade)

Installation into the ground

1. Design / frame support – various steel profiles
2. Panel / base (e.g. sheet)
3. Support structure with sheet or composite panel decoration
4. Lighting – can be spotlights, light fixtures
5. Foundation – concreted part of support

Principal scheme of tarpaulin installation:

6. Mounting frame (steel bar, diameter ~ 10-12 mm)
7. Elastic tarpaulin tension rope
8. PVC tarpaulin with printed advertising

Installation of illuminated letters

1. Directed to the wall
2. At the panel, panel – to the wall
3. Away from the wall or panel – mounted with spacer bars or PVC blocks
4. To the metal profile / frame, frame – to the wall
5. At the special construction

Advertising installation on the roof

1. Advertising is mounted both to the front and horizontal roof edge (parapet). Attached with metal anchors
2. Advertising is mounted to the horizontal and the inner edge of the parapet. Attached with metal anchors
3. Advertising is mounted with metal anchors to the building roof
4. When attachment to the building roof is not possible, metal design is pressed with concrete blocks attaching to the parapet

! – Folding design is sometimes used for convenient servicing and repair the advertising

In order for advertising to perform its function, it is necessary to ensure its maintenance. There may be illumination problems that are addressed by the manufacturer during the warranty period. However, at the end of the warranty, it is the customer who has to take care of them. Over time, advertising becomes dusty, faded, and film or paint detaches under influence of atmospheric effects. In order to maintain a good aesthetic appearance of advertisement, it has to be in maintained. Our company staff can take care of this.