Billboards are one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising display used in both outdoor and indoor advertising. Briefly, advertising billboards are certain planes with advertising message that can be mounted directly on the wall or attached to the frame structure. Advertising mounting options are further discussed in the section on Advertising installation, maintenance and repair.

Main components of billboards:

A. Plane for advertising
B. Panel illumination
C. Structural part
D. Metal anchors / concreted metal threaded rods
E. Concrete base

Galvanized sheet, aluminium composite panel, PVC plastic plate or other flat surface materials can be used as a base. The advertising image is moved on the base by attaching sticky adhesive film with print, plotterred characters, while the image is printed directly onto the surface (UV printing).

Additional lighting systems can be used for the advertising panel lighting. Electrical installation must be equipped for this.

Illumination with floodlights:

1. Illumination floodlights placed above the advertisement
2. Illumination floodlights placed under the advertisement

Illumination with a single lamp:

1. Housing and fasteners
2. Light source mounted inside the body

Illumination floodlights are usually attached at the bottom of large advertising panels because of simpler servicing. In this case, the maintenance of floodlights requires no lift or racks. However, they quickly become dirty, resulting in the weakened light flow.