Our production area is over 1.500 m². Every year our company invests into new equipment and technologies. We focus on production processes optimization and products quality. We always search and test newest LED lighting solutions, experiment with new materials and upgrading surface painting processes to perfection. We are confident that our clients gets the most advanced solutions.

Equipment and technologies we use in production

Milling equipment

Equipment used for milling aluminum and aluminum composite plates, organic glass or even wood.

Tin Folding Equipment

Folding equipment for aluminum strips to fold 3D letters. By using blueprints made by our engineers we fold sides for letters. Later letters are weld together with housing elements.

Segmented tin folding equipment used for decoration elements production. It‘s also used for non-illuminated banners.

Other auxiliary equipment

Auxiliary equipment comes to help for drilling, profile bending as metal processing frequently used in adverts production.


Laser is in use for various surfaces engraving and some materials cutting. Laser working area measured at 160 cm x 100 cm.


In this workshop, adverts elements and constructions are weld together. It can be 3D letters, light boxes, adverts pylons or light boxes constructions, frames for banners.

Digital printing

For digital printing process, we use two types of Japanese made equipment:

– Mutoh Osprey 130 solvent printer. Working area – 3,2 m
– Mimaki CJV30-160 printer with plotter. Working area – 1,6 m


Lamination of products for protection purposes – atmosphere and physical damage. This technique increases product longevity.


For text or advert symbols cutting, we use Summa plotters.

Powder coating


Powder coating – is a surface finishing technology. Special equipment is used to electrically charge paint powder that is emitted on the painted surface charged oppositely than the powder paint. Then, the product is placed in a heating furnace, where the paint melts in a high temperature, coating the surface with a uniform layer, and curing.

Heating chamber dimensions – 1,75 m (height) x 1,2 m (width) x 3,8 m (length).

Powder coating advantages:

– powder paint coated surface is highly resistant to impact
– paint retains its elasticity even in the event of surface deformation
– paint is resistant to abrasion
– paint is resistant to UV or other atmospheric effects

This technology can be applied for painting of aluminium, steel structures, iron products and other metal surfaces. Colours are selected according to the RAL.


In our workshop, we cut, sew and press national or company’s flags, textile light-boxes, t-shirts with company logo etc.